Root Out Whisky

Root Out Whisky

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ROOT OUT is a blend of the finest root beer flavoring with smooth Canadian whisky (70 proof).

Natural Root Beer Flavor - with rich Sassafras and fresh madagascar vanilla.

Extensively aged Canadian Whisky - four years on average.

No Caramel Color - Natural whisky hue. Kosher certified.

ROOT BEER FLAVORED WHISKY:Root Beer Flavored products are a hot trend!

From “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” Sales Explosion in 2015/2016.

Boozy Root Beer is taking the country by storm!

- Bon Appetit - Dec 2015.

Root Beer is the 4th most popular soda flavor in the world!

Root Beer flavored whisky could potentially be the next flavor explosion in the hottest trend in distilled spirits - flavored whisky.

“Flavored Whisky closes in on 10 million cases in the US”

- Shanken News Daily 6/17 Growth of 8% in 2016.